Fun Things To Do in Greece

Rocks of Lemnos

Lemon is an island off the Greece‘s mainland and is home to some very unusual volcanic rocks. On the cliff sides the rocks curl, forming circular shapes that jut out of the ground.

Explore Delphi

Delphi is one of Greece’s most famous ancient sanctuaries and was home to one of the most important people in ancient Greece, the Oracle. The Oracle of Delphi, almost known as Pythia.

Hit The Slopes

There are actually quite a few hills in the country where people can spend a day out in the snow. Mount Parnassos is the biggest ski and snowboard destination.

Blooming Spring Flowers

The most beautiful (in my opinion) being the red poppies that grow on the mountainsides of Greece. One of the best places to see these poppies is Peloponnese.

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